Aleph Zero, the highly scalable blockchain platform with zero-knowledge privacy, has partnered with the University of Nicosia (UNIC) to advance the blockchain ecosystem. UNIC is known for being the first university to accept Bitcoin as tuition and for offering a master’s degree in blockchain and digital currencies. This collaboration aims to strengthen the blockchain industry through research, education, and practical applications.

One of the exciting initiatives in this partnership is Aleph Zero providing a research grant to UNIC. This commitment demonstrates Aleph Zero’s dedication to groundbreaking research in the blockchain sector.

Additionally, UNIC’s Distributed Ledgers Research Centre (DLRC) under the Institute For the Future (IFF) will become an Aleph Zero validator node, contributing to the decentralization of the network. This involvement further solidifies UNIC’s role in advancing the growth of Aleph Zero.

Another important aspect of this partnership is the joint effort to design an educational program for developers. Aleph Zero and UNIC will work together to democratize knowledge and make blockchain technology more accessible to everyone. Addressing the disparity between tools and development stacks of various blockchains is crucial for fostering widespread adoption among developers.

Through the developer program and research initiatives, Aleph Zero and UNIC aim to create an environment where students can flourish and the blockchain ecosystem can thrive. This partnership will facilitate knowledge exchange, innovation, and engagement within the blockchain community.

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About Aleph Zero:
Aleph Zero is a public, permissionless, and leaderless layer 1 blockchain designed for optimal security, speed, and scalability. It supports various privacy-enhanced use cases through its Liminal technology, enabling builders from all verticals to benefit from an improved distributed ledger design.

About University of Nicosia:
The University of Nicosia (UNIC) is a global leader in blockchain education, research, and technological innovation. UNIC was the first university to accept Bitcoin as tuition and offers a master’s degree in blockchain and digital currencies. They have also delivered on-chain courses in the metaverse and received recognition for their contributions to education in the blockchain industry.

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Qimei Luo