If there’s one thing that institutional crypto investors have learned in the past year, it’s the importance of trust. After several high-profile incidents involving crypto companies, many investors are now more cautious and skeptical. The days of anarchy in the crypto space are over, replaced by a focus on compliance and solid business practices.

That’s why it’s significant that Alchemy Pay, a fiat-to-crypto gateway, has become an approved service provider by Mastercard, a trusted financial brand. Being added to Mastercard’s SDP Compliant Registered Service Provider List is a strong validation of Alchemy Pay’s reliability and adherence to regulatory standards. This list includes other reputable names in the payment industry, such as Amazon, Google, and J.P. Morgan. This endorsement gives customers confidence in the legitimacy of Alchemy Pay.

Alchemy Pay’s inclusion in Mastercard’s program demonstrates their commitment to operating within regulatory frameworks. They aim to provide consumers with seamless access to blockchain finance using globally recognized payment standards like Mastercard. This move follows Alchemy Pay’s earlier listing as a payment service provider by Visa, showcasing their mission of bridging the gap between fiat and cryptocurrency. By partnering with these established players, Alchemy Pay aims to make the process of buying and using crypto easier for everyday people.

This global expansion allows Visa and Mastercard cardholders in 173 countries to use fiat currency to purchase cryptocurrencies. With Visa’s 3.9 billion cardholders and Mastercard’s 1.55 billion worldwide, buying crypto is no longer limited to wealthier nations. Alchemy Pay’s goal is to make crypto accessible to the average person, removing the complexities of converting fiat money to digital assets or even NFTs.

In line with this mission, Alchemy Pay has enhanced its on-ramp and off-ramp solutions and introduced NFT Checkout. This means that users can now use Mastercard to buy NFTs with just one click, making the process as simple as buying any other product online. The key factor that enables these seamless transactions is the trust customers have in Alchemy Pay, a company vetted and compliant with all applicable regulations.

For institutional crypto investors, this development is a significant endorsement of Alchemy Pay’s reliability and trustworthiness. By securing partnerships with Mastercard and Visa, Alchemy Pay demonstrates its commitment to building bridges between traditional finance and the crypto world. The story has also been featured in Coindesk, further highlighting the interest and traction this news has received in the crypto space.