Adenasoft, a leading South Korean IT/software company, has announced the launch of ACE, a revolutionary SaaS product designed for the cryptocurrency exchange industry. ACE aims to transform the landscape by providing a comprehensive suite of features that streamline operations and enhance the user experience. What sets ACE apart is its ability to quickly prepare businesses for exchange operations in less than a month.

ACE offers a fully integrated trading platform, robust customer management tools, wallet services, custody solutions, and more. The platform also boasts an intuitive and visually stunning user interface, making it easy for investors and traders to navigate the system. Even those new to crypto can quickly adapt to ACE’s powerful capabilities.

Adenasoft understands the challenges faced by new exchange businesses, particularly in terms of liquidity. To address this, ACE incorporates built-in liquidity services that provide a reliable and seamless trading experience. This allows exchanges to focus on growth and attracting new users without being limited by liquidity constraints.

Another standout feature of ACE is its seamless integration, making it incredibly easy for new exchanges to adopt the platform. Adenasoft has designed ACE to be highly customizable, allowing businesses to incorporate their own branding elements for a seamless brand experience.

For a limited time, Adenasoft is offering ACE with a ZERO set-up fee for new exchange businesses. This unprecedented opportunity enables entrepreneurs and businesses to leverage Adenasoft’s groundbreaking technology without the burden of upfront costs, showcasing Adenasoft’s commitment to empowering the cryptocurrency industry and fostering the growth of innovative exchanges worldwide.

“We are excited to introduce ACE to the cryptocurrency market,” said Yong Jung, ACE product team leader at Adenasoft. “With ACE, we aim to redefine the standards for crypto exchange platforms, offering an all-inclusive solution that combines top-tier UI/UX, essential functionalities, liquidity services, and seamless integration. Most importantly, ACE’s fast and efficient onboarding process allows businesses to be fully prepared for exchange operations in less than a month.”

Adenasoft, a South Korea-based IT/software company, has extensive experience in the fintech and finance sectors. With a diverse product lineup spanning forex, e-wallet payment systems, and now crypto exchanges, Adenasoft is at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions to empower businesses in the digital era.