Acentrik, a strategic product of Mercedes-Benz, was awarded the Singapore Business Review Technology Excellence Award in the Blockchain – Automotive Services category. The award recognizes companies that have successfully transformed industries and business models through technological innovations.

Acentrik is an enterprise-grade data exchange solution that enables greater data sharing across industries. It can be used as a ready-to-use data marketplace for enterprises to exchange data globally, or as a turnkey solution for enterprises to have their own dedicated whitelabel solution.

One of Acentrik’s main features is Compute-to-Data, which brings algorithm to where the data is, allowing for privacy-preserving compute jobs. This means that data providers can share confidential data and monetize from it, while consumers’ algorithms get smarter without being exposed to the raw data. Acentrik acts as an orchestrator and connects data sources, ensuring data sovereignty.

The strategic product of Mercedes-Benz is revolutionizing the data landscape for enterprises, and this award further validates its innovative approach. The company is confident in reaching further ambitions and is excited about what’s to come.

Acentrik is an enterprise solution for decentralized data exchanges, built to create value out of data while ensuring privacy and sovereignty. Its vision is to revolutionize the world of data exchanges and contribute to the greater ecosystem of enterprises.