Aarki, a leading mobile marketing platform, has been acknowledged in SOOMLA’s newly released Ad Lifetime Value (LTV) Benchmarks Report for 2019.

The report provides an in-depth analysis that reveals mobile Ad LTV data for Day 7 and Day 30 broken down by media sources, device models, operating systems and countries. It’s based on aggregated data collected through the SOOMLA engine during Q2 of 2019, analyzing 80 million user activities of more than 9 billion impressions over 450 apps.

According to SOOMLA, Aarki, Facebook, and Vungle generate the highest Ad LTV. While examining LTV growth trajectory by source (US-Android), they found that, for D30, both Facebook and Aarki were at good LTV.

With Aarki’s mission to connect users to brands they love, they strive to deliver mobile marketing performance at scale and engaging ad experiences.

Here are the main findings of the Ad LTV Benchmarks Report: 

  • Facebook, Aarki and Vungle generate the highest Ad LTV.
  • Relying on the D7 Ad LTV in monetization calculations is important, but app publishers should pay great attention to the growth trajectory of the period following D7, where the lifetime value is bound to increase.
  • North America has the highest Ad LTV among the countries analyzed. With that being said, Android users’ Ad LTV is higher in all countries (excluding Brazil and India)in comparison to the iOS users’ metrics.

Download the full report here.