The World of Dypians, a massive metaverse sandbox gaming platform, is aiming to capture a piece of the growing metaverse market. With over 400 million monthly active users and projected to reach a market value of $900 billion by 2030, the metaverse has garnered significant attention from game developers and Web3 projects. World of Dypians is live on both the Ethereum and BNB Chain mainnets, attracting thousands of users and generating high interest with over 7,000 applicants waiting for access.

The goal of World of Dypians is to introduce new users to cryptocurrency through engaging content, educational campaigns, and exciting gameplay. The platform has already attracted partnerships with prominent players in the Web3 and blockchain ecosystem, including Chainlink, KuCoin, Coin98, Avalanche,, MEXC Global, and Easy2Stake.

World of Dypians offers a vast virtual world with AI, NFT functionality, and high-resolution graphics. Players can explore endless maps, hunt wild creatures, earn rewards, and purchase NFTs. The game stands out with its Campaign Mode, Multiplayer Mode, Open World, Sandbox, and Play to Earn features, providing a unique gaming experience.

Within World of Dypians, real estate is highly valued, with 100,000 Land NFTs available in five different tiers. The Genesis Land tier offers exclusive Ethereum NFTs that represent prime location spaces for constructing buildings and earning special rewards. Additionally, players can join the exclusive Cats and Watches Society (CAWS) NFT collection.

The game also features the DYP token, used for in-game purchases and upgrades, and on-chain events that add excitement to the gameplay. There are currently four live interactive events, including battling dragons, striking gems, earning rewards, and solving puzzles.

World of Dypians is an immersive game that can be accessed on desktop, with plans to expand to PCVR. The platform aims to create a vibrant metaverse where players can connect, conquer quests, and engage in battles.

About World of Dypians:
World of Dypians is a metaverse sandbox and virtual game created by Dypius. With endless maps, hunting rewards, and a customizable character accompanied by NFTs and AI, players can embark on their journey exploring the different lands within the World of Dypians.