A gala benefit event will be held to support the Universal Peace Sanctuary in Lumbini, Nepal, and promote peace and reconciliation. The theme of the event is “Make Peace More Fashionable Than War”. The sanctuary will serve as a beacon of peace and non-violence for individuals, communities, and nations.

The gala will feature a theatrical presentation of traditional Himalayan music and dance, dedicated to mothers who exemplify selfless love for their children. This love is seen as the foundation of peace and harmony in the world. The event will be hosted by actress Kelly Hu, and guests will enjoy a red-carpet experience with live entertainment, fine dining, and the company of world leaders, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche, the visionary founder of the Universal Peace Sanctuary, emphasizes the importance of making war unfashionable within ourselves and among all people. The gala will also mark the launch of the Universal Peace Movement, an initiative aimed at raising funds for the construction of the sanctuary and its Digital Twin.

Notable figures attending the event include James Bowater, founder of Jade Vault & Jade City and a prominent figure in the crypto space; Manoj Narender Madnani, Co-Founder and CEO of Beacon Media; Brock Pierce, an entrepreneur and co-founder of Tether; Bundeep Singh Rangar, CEO of Fineqia; and Yat Siu, Executive Chairman and Co-founder of Animoca Brands.

The Universal Peace Movement aims to “make peace more fashionable than war” through the hashtags #PEACEbyPIECE and #BLOCKbyBLOCK. The next gala event is planned for the end of 2023 in the United Arab Emirates.

Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche shares his perspective on making peace fashionable through prioritizing peace over war in all aspects of thought and action. He emphasizes the need to make peace with internal conflicts and cultivate a compassionate heart and natural intelligence. Rinpoche believes that being in harmony with our true essence will lead to lasting peace.

The Universal Peace Sanctuary is a non-profit project that promotes peace, compassion, and understanding among all people and nations. Rinpoche has founded several non-profit organizations, including Buddhafield and the Center for Enlightenment, and has charitable organizations such as the Bhrikuti Himalayan Foundation and the Himalayan Children’s Fund.